Criminal Defense Attorneys

Do you need an experienced defense attorney?

With more than thirty years of aggressive and focused experience in the defense of individuals charged with crimes that range from traffic offenses to capital murder, Owen & Owens is prepared for action.

We understand that being charged with a criminal offense is a very stressful process with real consequences that can include the potential loss of freedom and basic rights. Often times, the client needs assistance beyond the legal issues involved in a particular case. Many times the issues extend into much deeper problems in life, which the attorneys at Owen & Owens understand.

We are concerned not only with providing the very best legal representation for our clients, but in them as individuals, real people with real needs. We work diligently with our clients and their families to resolve the legal issues and get help for the life issues we all face from time to time.

We regularly represent clients in court and throughout the legal process in matters including:

  • Drug related crimes
  • Traffic Offenses and DUI charges
  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • Murder and serious crimes against individuals

Our dedicated and experienced criminal law attorneys are ready to begin working for you.